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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Crews def. Pete Dunne & Daniel Bryan in 3-Way To Retain

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Former United Kingdom Champion and Year V Royal Rumble winner Pete Dunne earned the opportunity to attempt to unseat "The Diamond" at the pinnacle of the sports entertainment world when he earned the opportunity to challenge Apollo Crews for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Returning from a self inflicted sabbatical following his crushing loss to then-WWE Champion Rusev back at Survivor Series Year IV, The Bruiserweight entered the Royal Rumble at No.17 and overcame being dropped on his head with a sick piledriver from the apron to the floor, overcame the pain and last eliminated Daniel Bryan to win the titular match and earned his opportunity

The very same night, Apollo Crews maintained his position as the face of the WWE when he thwarted the challenge of "The Prince" Finn Balor with the aid of a low blow to retain the title and a month later retained his title during a special edition of Monday Night Carnage - "Gold Rush" - when he defeated longtime rival Kofi Kingston in a brutal match that once again saw Crews need assistance to retain the title with the aid of an exposed turnbuckle

After taking care of Eric Young during Carnage: Gold Rush, Dunne confronted Crews the same way the champion confronted him following his Rumble victory, making it known that his path is clear for the showdown - But that wasn't the case when The Rebellion struck and laid out both men and forced both of them to unite in an attempt at revenge when Dunne and Crews battled Daniel Bryan and Rusev in a No Disqualification match but Crews once again revealed his true colors when he laid of his WrestleMania opponent with a steel chair - costing them the match - and then left the challenger writhing in pain with a Powerbomb off the apron.


During Night 1, with a heavy dose of luck and a shocking return of Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan found a way to survive Brock Lesnar after pinning The Beast (who was laid out by a Muscle Buster) and the deck was stacked against the champion as the match became a Triple Threat match!

And what a Triple Threat it was as both Bryan and Dunne tried to one up each other all the while Crews tried his best to keep pace and surpassed expectations. Right out of the gate Bryan tried to steal the match with a Knee Plus within the first 5 minutes of the match but Dunne was right there to break the count

As the match reached it's climax, Dunne took Bryan to the absolute limit (especially with the fact Bryan entered this match less than 100%) including suplexing Bryan to the floor from the ring and attempting to get revenge on Crews for the powerbomb on the apron but Crews was just too big and he instantly overpowered Dunne and powerbombed him again on the apron and maintained his grip to swing The Bruiserweight head first into the apron

Crews' cockiness got the better of him when Bryan recovered and connected with another Knee Plus on Crews and instead of going for the cover Bryan went to ringside and hit another Knee Plus but this time on Dunne and instead of going for the pin again, Bryan called out for Samoa Joe, who has been a man of mystery for the past 24 hours up till that point and it looked like The Destroyer was about to absolutely destroy Pete Dunne but in turn attacked Bryan which caused the crowd to erupt in cheers, Joe is not aligned with The Rebellion and he picked the perfect time to strike the man who's apart of the group that cost him the WWE Championship last September. Joe put Bryan to sleep with the Clutch before walking away and Crews took advantage and looked to steal the pin but out of nowhere Crews broke the count at the last moment and then they were at a stalemate

Dunne and Crews (the initial main event) exchanged blows until Crews gained control and laid out both men with bicycle kicks before digging into his old hat of tricks by removing the turnbuckle pad (similar to what he's been doing during his recent title defenses) and tried to slam Dunne face first but was met with Karma when Crews went face/chest first into the exposed turnbuckle and Dunne connected with a bicycle kick of his own but out of nowhere Daniel Bryan came to and laid out Dunne with a crowbar and he went to town on the Rumble winner, effectively knocking him out of the match and when he went to attack Crews with the crowbar, the champion connected with a low blow before finishing off Bryan with his "Ball Game" Suplex Driver to score the pin and the win to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Title

The deck was indeed stacked against "The Diamond" but he found away to come out on the other side as he celebrated the night away all the while MVP and company stood on the stage to congratulate the champion while new TV Champion Bronson Reed watched on from the crowd and future challenger Aleister Black watched on from the stage as well.

Apollo Crews has pushed back challengers thus far, but something tells us that his future will only get harder from here as the challengers continue to pile up for the champion.


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