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Aleister Black def. Triple H in a "I Quit" Match; Triple H Must Retire

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Here we go again...

The war between Triple H and Aleister Black came to a head one final time at WrestleMania under "I Quit" rules where the only way to win this time was to force your opponent to utter the words, "I Quit"...and did it take quite the turn at the end...

At Judgment Day Year IV, Aleister Black signed on the dotted line to wrestle for the WWE - a signing Triple H was proud to announce - and then everything went to hell for The Game and the McMahon family when Black revealed that he was a proud member of The Rebellion and has made Triple H's life hell since with countless attacks and took it too far when he tossed Stephanie McMahon from a production truck last July, Shawn Michaels stabbing Shane McMahon a few days later and The Game has been on a war path sense.

At Summerslam during the main event involving Shawn Michaels and The Rock, Black decided to get involved and a few moments later Triple H returned for blood and his target was the man who took out his wife and chased him away from the building before laying out Chad Gable - who tried to play defense for Black - with a pedigree on top of a limo.

A few weeks after WWE returned to operations, Triple H and Vince McMahon laid down the challenge to rid the WWE of The Rebellion with a traditional 4-on-4 Survivor Series Elimination match and that match came down to Black and Triple H and all was going to be right with the world until Daniel Bryan revealed his true colors, turning on Triple H and pinning The Game to give The Rebellion the win and rid the WWE of Vince McMahon as Chairman and CEO.

The next month at the inaugural WWE Joker's Wild event, Triple H and Black went to war under "3 Stages of Hell" which Black won in dominant fashion and seemingly rid the WWE of every McMahon until the Royal Rumble when Shane McMahon returned with a vengeance and targeted Black before Vince McMahon returned following Carnage: Gold Rush to announce that he found a loophole in the Survivor Series contract and that the results were null and void and effectively is reinstated as Chairman and CEO and he informed Black that his son-in-law is returning but this time the only way for this to end between Black and Triple H is for one of these men to utter the dreadful words of "I Quit".

On Carnage #19, on behalf of the McMahons, Commissioner Paul Heyman revealed a few added stipulations to this match, if Black wins, not only will he receive a future WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity, but Triple H's in-ring career is over, if Triple H wins, The Game will forfeit his WWE World Championship opportunity, but Aleister Black (alongside his wife Zelina Vega) will be fired.

The stakes were high when it all went down from bell to bell as both men had the task of testing the opposition's will to survive with the only way to win is to force the other to Quit (which neither man had the desire to do so).

Both Black and The Game took their time torturing the other as the stretch of the match went down, they even took a trip backstage and to the parking lot which saw Black get some ounce of revenge for his fellow Rebellion mate with a pedigree on top of the limo

After some back and forth the fight spilled back to ringside and then Black's twisted mind came into play when he destroyed Triple H repeated with the steel steps before pulling back the ring mat and exposing the wood (a feat he has used countless times in the past) and spiked The Game head first with a DDT but yet again Black couldn't get The Game to quit and that moment of hesitation allowed for Triple H to hit a spine-buster on the exposed wood

"I brought you into my world...You don't have a choice...Quit!" An exhausted and beat up Triple H shouted at his once proud prospect signing and instead of quitting Black once again laid out the man responsible for him coming to WWE and actually agreed with the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion: "You know what? You're right...This is your world and you brought me into it last year..." before laying him out with another pedigree, this time on the exposed wood

"But it's my world now and you will quit one way or another..." Black uttered just before The Game's wife - Stephanie McMahon - rushed down to the ring (similar to her running down back at Joker's Wild) and instead of pleading with Black, she set him up for a sneak attack at the hands of Shane McMahon who laid him out with a roundhouse kick to a chair to the face and when Shane introduced a crowbar, Black caught it and laid him out with the crowbar before hitting McMahon with the Black Mass and their involvement drove Black over the edge when he once again put his hands on Stephanie, looking to DDT her on the exposed wood but just when he was about to execute the move, Triple H uttered those words to save his wife "I Quit", relinquishing his career to save his wife but Black didn't care and he DDT'd Stephanie anyway

"Game...Over" Black uttered over a fallen McMahon family as he exited the ring victorious

Following the match, Stephanie McMahon was loaded on a stretcher to be checked on for head injuries with her brother in toe while her Triple H remained in the ring for a moment as he recovered, soaking in the fan fare as he made his final trip up the ramp as an active competitor. It wasn't the way he wanted his in-ring career to end but he went out in a blaze of glory.

Thank you Triple H, Long Live The King!


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