Triple H vs. Aleister Black in a "I Quit" Match

Updated: Apr 2

Here we go again...

The war between Triple H and Aleister Black comes to a head one final time at WrestleMania under "I Quit" rules where the only way to win this time is to force your opponent to utter the words, "I Quit".

At Judgment Day Year IV, Aleister Black signed on the dotted line to wrestle for the WWE - a signing Triple H was proud to announce - and then everything went to hell for The Game and the McMahon family when Black revealed that he was a proud member of The Rebellion and has made Triple H's life hell since with countless attacks and took it too far when he tossed Stephanie McMahon from a production truck last July, Shawn Michaels stabbing Shane McMahon a few days later and The Game has been on a war path sense.

At Summerslam during the main event involving Shawn Michaels and The Rock, Black decided to get involved and a few moments later Triple H returned for blood and his target was the man who took out his wife and chased him away from the building before laying out Chad Gable - who tried to play defense for Black - with a pedigree on top of a limo.

A few weeks after WWE returned to operations, Triple H and Vince McMahon laid down the challenge to rid the WWE of The Rebellion with a traditional 4-on-4 Survivor Series Elimination match and that match came down to Black and Triple H and all was going to be right with the world until Daniel Bryan revealed his true colors, turning on Triple H and pinning The Game to give The Rebellion the win and rid the WWE of Vince McMahon as Chairman and CEO.

The next month at the inaugural WWE Joker's Wild event, Triple H and Black went to war under "3 Stages of Hell" which Black won in dominant fashion and seemingly rid the WWE of every McMahon until the Royal Rumble when Shane McMahon returned with a vengeance and targeted Black before Vince McMahon returned following Carnage: Gold Rush to announce that he found a loophole in the Survivor Series contract and that the results were null and void and effectively is reinstated as Chairman and CEO and he informed Black that his son-in-law is returning but this time the only way for this to end between Black and Triple H is for one of these men to utter the dreadful words of "I Quit".

On Carnage #19, on behalf of the McMahons, Commissioner Paul Heyman revealed a few added stipulations to this match, if Black wins, not only will he receive a future WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity, but Triple H's in-ring career is over, if Triple H wins, The Game will forfeit his WWE World Championship opportunity, but Aleister Black will be fired.

Will this bloody and personal war between "The Game" and the "Harbinger of Fury" finally come to a end? Find out when WrestleMania comes your way with a special two-night event



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