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WWE Tag Team Champions Street Profits def. Rated RKO

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Ever since the Royal Rumble, the Street Profits have been on a roll since winning the WWE Tag Team Championships and they were more than equipped to go up against the experience in Rated RKO for their titles but the Grizzled Vets weren't going to back down!

This contest for the coveted Tag Team Titles went back and forth which saw Edge kick out of the Profits signature combo Spinebuster/From the Heavens Frog Splash but it was the mistake of the Hall of Famer that imploded Rated RKO's chances when he inadvertently speared Randy Orton when Orton's RKO attempt was blocked by Dawkins and it was that mistake that signaled the end as Big Dawk laid out Edge with a spear of his own which was a lay-up for Ford's FTH Splash and that was enough for the Profits to pick up the win and to retain their tag titles!

Following the match, Orton looked to embraced Edge but in turn was met with a sucker punch from his now former best friend who then laid him out with a Spear, blaming Orton for their failure.

Have we witnessed the true end of Rated RKO on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


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