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Seth Rollins def. "Blackheart" Lio Rush under "Extreme Rules"

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

During the WWE Alternative Tour II last November, Seth Rollins and Lio Rush participated in the "Survival Series" Tournament and when the "Man of the Hour" found a way to upset Rollins, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion snapped and attacked the unsuspecting Rush culminating with a Blackout Stomp on the concrete floor, removing Rush from in-ring competition for nearly 3 months until the Royal Rumble.

Rush shockingly entered the titular match for the men and shocked Seth Rollins, who while he was away joined Jeff Hardy's "The Order" and was in a dominant position to last in the match, but this wasn't the Lio Rush that Rollins stomped out overseas, this was the alter-ego of Rush known as "The Blackheart". Rush made a feline to the ring and eliminated both himself and Rollins in the process and went a step further by attacking Rollins with a steel chair before hitting a elbow drop through a table, signaling that the war has just begun

Over the following weeks, Lio sent cryptic messages to The Order, most specifically Rollins, that he was not only coming for revenge but he sacrificed his soul to take control of the group and will do so in time. Jeff Hardy took exception to this and during a match against Buddy Murphy on a episode of Carnage, Karrion Kross and Seth Rollins took the fight to the soul of Lio Rush but the return of Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre - two adversaries of The Order - allowed Rush to lock away his soul again and behind "The Black Hand" stood his future as Rush once again left Rollins stunned

On Carnage #19, Jeff Hardy returned for the first time since Royal Rumble to inform his right hand man that he needs to get rid of this problem and will do so at the Showcase of the Immortals when he clashes with "The Blackheart" under Extreme Rules. Not one to pass up on the opportunity, Rush appeared from the darkness during a match between Kross and Lee to lay out the "Dutch of Doomsday" with a twisted version of a baseball bat covered in spikes and barbed wire, sending a direct message to Rollins that he will pull out everything to settle the score at WrestleMania!

And when the time came, both men left it all out there which saw Rush fight this match with no soul and pure violence and vengeance on his mind and there were times that both Rush and Rollins nearly counted the lights but the other kept coming back

While Rush gained control The Order's Buddy Murphy ran down to ringside with the intent to interfere but he was instantly cut off by Keith Lee who chased the Disciple to the back which then prompted the leader of The Order - Jeff Hardy - to come down to ringside

Cutting to the back and Lee was found laid out and then the lights went dark only to be cut back on and a returning Karrion Kross was standing behind Rush with the same bat that the "Blackheart" took him out with and uttered "Thank you for opening my ends" and Kross appeared to go on the attack against Seth Rollins but in turn he attacked Rush the same way he was assaulted and Kross went even further and kept assaulting him with the bat - which Hardy tried to talk him down from but was ignored - Just when all hope was lost for Rush, Drew McIntyre laid out Hardy with the Claymore, who has been begging for a fight with Hardy for a whole week!

Still looking for revenge for what happened to him back at Joker's Wild in Vegas, McIntyre stared down Kross spoiling for a fight but in turn he was assaulted by a hooded figure with a low blow before being slammed through a table set up at ringside before revealing himself as - Raymond Rowe of the War Raiders

Keith Lee tried to come to the aid of McIntyre but was instantly laid out by Hanson of the War Raiders before being laid out with a Samoan Driver on the stage!

Rollins then decided to put the final nail on the coffin with a Blackout to the Blackheart to pick up the win under Extreme Rules!

Following the match, Jeff Hardy recovered from the Claymore and entered the ring to congratulate his Right Hand Man but then a Mutiny within The Order took place as Rollins unleashed Kross on Hardy who brutalized Jeff all around ringside before tossing him at the feet of Rollins who claimed Hardy to be "weak" despite the "sacrifice" of Rush to Hardy and as a final act, Kross sent Hardy crashing hard to the floor

"I AM 'The Here and The Now' As of this Moment, The Order belongs to ME" -Seth Rollins to a fallen Jeff Hardy as he seemingly taken control of the faction the former Intercontinental Champion started last fall as both he and Kross leave Hardy laying!

What does the future hold for The Order now that "The Blackhand" Seth Rollins has full control?


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