The Rock vs. Rusev

Updated: Mar 31

This match has been months in the making as The Rock returns to the WWE ring for the first time since last year's Summerslam to battle the man who cost him his position as WWE Commissioner, "The Bat-Man" of The Rebellion, Rusev.

The Rock's problems with the renegade group started last summer when he put his job on the line in a dream match against the founder of the group - Shawn Michaels - and the match saw interference from every corner up until Rusev revealed himself as a member and laid out Rock with a bat shot to the skull as a prelude to Shawn's victory and for months following this, The Brute continued to poke fun at The Great One by using his "Rock Bottom" move by renaming it "The Pit" and even went onto win the WWE Championship at WWE Ground Zero, but The Rock wasn't gonna take getting screwed lightly.

At Survivor Series Year IV, Rock returned for the first time since August and cost Rusev his chance to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion by pushing him off a ladder and into a Rock Bottom and then Rusev went away briefly before feigning his "distain" with The Rebellion before revealing his true colors yet again at Carnage: Gold Rush and immediately following that Rock laid down the challenge to Rusev which has been accepted.

Who will get the upper hand when these two finally clash after months of cheap shots and personal insults? Find out when WrestleMania comes your way with a special two-night event.



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