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Roman Reigns def. The Fiend in a "Firefly Mayhem Match"

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The Head of "The Bloodline" wanted HIM and he got his wish...

24 hours after his dominant win over The Undertaker inside Hell In a Cell at Survivor Series, Roman Reigns opened the inaugural edition of Monday Night Carnage gloating but what he didn't expect was the arrival of another old foe or at least a new twisted version as "The Fiend" (Bray Wyatt's powerful alter ego) assaulted the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Reigns disappeared for 4 months without a trace...

...Until Carnage #20, where Reigns came to the aid of his cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso, who were not only screwed out of the Tag Team Titles by Wyatt's "Fiendish Family" at Carnage: Gold Rush but they continued their assault until "The Big Uce" speared both men and demanded that HE face him at WrestleMania before delivering a superman punch to Wyatt himself, who eventually brushed off the assault and accepted Reigns' challenge on HIS behalf and then the lights went dark and rain fell upon the arena. "The Fiend" arrived behind Reigns and hit the Sister Abigail before it was announced that this match will be contested as a "Firefly Mayhem Match".

Now the time is upon us, Roman Reigns entered the sold out Mercedes Benz Stadium, walking into the unknown with the weight of his family on his shoulders and then blank, a green mist substance that knocked Reigns out cold

*Cue the alternate reality*

Roman Reigns was shown a world where he failed his uncle and left the business, leaving his family in shambles at the feed of The Fiend by the late friend of Wyatt - Brodie Lee - and then was shown himself being "done off" and that was enough to question what he has to do and Lee uttered, "To save your family, embrace who you truly are" before Reigns was knocked out yet again!

*Cue current reality*

Reigns was stumbling all over the place before finally coming to and was instantly taken out by The Fiend and the Mayhem officially begun

Reigns was in trouble but somehow he found it within himself to bounce back and took the fight to this destructive force that has been threatening his family but this darkness was too much to fight and The Fiend locked in the mandible claw and all hope appeared to be lost until a since forgotten face re-emerged, the Bray Wyatt of old and he snapped the neck of The Fiend!

"I can't let this version...This darkness remain in the world, I will get to the top another way" -Bray Wyatt to Roman Reigns enroute to allowing him to defeat his alter ego in the middle of the ring as the once again "Eater of Worlds" walks away to find himself again.

Following the match, the remnants of The Fiend in "Blood Brother Bo" and "Brother Mercy" tried to sneak up on Reigns but they were instantly cut off with duel superkicks before feeding them to their cousin who still had a thirst for broken bones and he single handedly destroyed Bo and Mercy with spears and steel chairs

Now with his uncle and cousins back by his side and on a united front, "The Bloodline" is strong as Roman Reigns has reached his final form as the "Tribal Chief".

Acknowledge him!


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