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Shawn Michales def. Jon Moxley in a "Unsanctioned Match"

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

He has been man on a mission to end what he feels he started last June ever since his return as Jon Moxley went to war with Hall of Famer and Rebellion founding father Shawn Michaels in a Unsanctioned match which came to a brutal and career altering end

Shawn didn't want to waste any time and kicked off the chaos with a low blow and instantly drew blood from the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and throughout the fight Mox focused on the previously injured back of HBK (which forced his first retirement in 1998) and eventually the war even spilled to the outside with a Death Rider through the announce table for a very close near-fall and then out of the sky, the Phenomenal One returned as AJ Styles went on the attack against the man who left him laying in a parking lot last month and this Unsanctioned fight turned into a 2-on-1 disadvantage for Moxley but nothing Styles did could keep him down and that was when Styles removed the padding on the outside to attempt to do more damage but Moxley was not about to go down without swinging and took out Michaels before turning his attention to Styles (even attempting to send him crashing on the outside himself) but Styles quickly overpowered Mox before sending him crashing onto the concrete with a Powerbomb from the ring to the floor (an act that busted Moxley open from the back of his skull)

Picking up the scraps, Shawn Michaels put the final nail in the man who injured him last Summer with some Sweet Chin Music to pick up the win in this Unsanctioned match!

Following the match, Styles looked to continue his assault on Moxley but was met with a enemy from the past as Finn Balor returned (looking to continue what they started at Carnage: Gold Rush) and laid him out with the Bloody Sunday on the floor

Shawn Michaels finally got revenge for what went down last Summer but the situation between Styles and Balor are far from over!


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