Jon Moxley vs. Shawn Michales in a "Unsanctioned Match"

He's a man on a mission to end what he feels he started last June as Jon Moxley goes to war with Hall of Famer and Rebellion founding father Shawn Michaels in a Unsanctioned match

This situation between the two former WWE World Champions started when Moxley (then known as Dean Ambrose) failed to advance in the WWE Championship Tournament and tried to intimidate the then General Manager (Michaels) into placing him into the finals but Michaels refused and the unhinged Ambrose laid out the Hall of Famer with a Dirty Deeds on the office floor, effectively injuring Michaels and removing him from power. Due to this action (along with Michaels feeling that management just brushed him under the rug) The Rebellion was born and for months this group led by Michaels assaulted everyone not aligned with them leading into Summerslam where Michaels gained the position as Commissioner when he defeated The Rock.

A few months later, Michaels caused the company cease operations due to HBK selling the company's television contracts, the rights to the TV Shows and various contracts and while the shut-down only lasted a month, the decision had lasting effects which saw the birth of Monday Night Carnage. While Shawn initially "quit" the company, he inserted a secret clause in his contract to allow him to return whenever he wanted and gave him free reign to do whatever.

Ambrose however was fired for his actions (mainly because he attacked Shane McMahon) and in a shocking twist was rehired to participate in the Year V Men's Royal Rumble match which he lasted until the final 3 before being eliminated by Daniel Bryan, the current Rebellion leader, follow him making it known that he intends to end what he started (taking responsibility for inadvertently "creating" the group).

Two weeks following the Rumble, Moxley made it known that he intended to fight every member of the group to expunge them from the WWE but was met with Rebellion ally AJ Styles who laid out Moxley with a Bloody Sunday DDT on the concrete removing him from the scenario for the time being.

While Moxley was away, Vince McMahon returned to the WWE and informed Shawn that all these "contracts" he has will be held up in court and then the unhinged Superstar has returned...

At Carnage: Gold Rush, Moxley returned and laid out both Michaels and Styles letting both men know that they will have to kill him to get rid of him and then Moxley used Styles to deliver the message to Shawn Michaels that he will destroy The Rebellion - starting with him!

Since Shawn is still technically retired, he doesn't have to compete in official capacity so this match has been signed to be "Unsanctioned" meaning that anything goes and hopefully Moxley can be a man of his word and take out this Rebellion, finishing what he started last June.

Find out who walks out of the Showcase of the Immortals with their pride intact as WrestleMania comes your way with a special two-night event.



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