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Daniel Bryan def. Brock Lesnar

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

It was truly the return of The Beast as Brock Lesnar went one-on-one with The Rebellion leader Daniel Bryan in a brutal exchange that saw Bryan busted open that has since required stitches but it was what happened during the encounter after Bryan nearly had Brock Lesnar beat, he was aiming to connect with another Knee Plus to Lesnar who instead side stepped him and Bryan connected with the official which opened the door for Lesnar to lay out Bryan with an F-5!

And then Samoa Joe returned and instead of going after the leader of the group that cost him the WWE Championship, Joe went after The Beast instead and laid out Lesnar with the Muscle Buster, allowing Bryan to pick up the win and advance to the main event of Night 2 (making the WWE World Title match a Triple Threat match)!

But Brock was not happy and instead left Bryan laid out with the F-5, reminding Bryan that it is far from over!

But why did Samoa Joe screw Lesnar?! Can Daniel Bryan bounce back in time for the Main Event of Night 2? Find out when WrestleMania weekend continues tomorrow!


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