Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan

Updated: Mar 31

It's the return of "The Beast"!

For the first time in months, Brock Lesnar has returned to the WWE and he has one thing on his plate and that is a match with The Rebellion's Daniel Bryan.

This match was initially scheduled to take place at a Madison Square Garden live event before the WWE went under last September due to the actions of Shawn Michaels and the Rebellious group (along with it, Brock's contract expired...until now)

After being removed from power as CEO and Chairman back at the Survivor Series, all hope was lost for Vince McMahon, until he found a loophole - Daniel Bryan was not "officially" apart of The Rebellion's team and the consequences of that match became null and void, reinstating Vince to power - and with that power McMahon proudly derailed Bryan's plans to inject himself into the WWE World Title main event and proudly announced that Bryan's fate was a match with The Beast, who ran through the entire faction before laying out the former WWE Champion with an F-5.

On Carnage #19, Commissioner Paul Heyman revealed some added stipulations to this match, if Daniel Bryan is victorious then he will be added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match during Night 2 but if he loses then he will indefinitely be ineligible to contend for the WWE World Title.

Is WrestleMania truly the beginning of "The End" of The Rebellion? Find out who walks out of this highly anticipated match-up when WrestleMania comes your way with a special two-night event.



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