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Bobby Lashley Won Fatal-4-Way Match to win the Intercontinental Championship

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

It started off as a one-on-one contest but it was quickly converted into a Fatal-4-Way which instantly stacked the deck against the defending champion, Cesaro, but knowing the Swiss, he welcomed the challenge and he got it

During the Road to WrestleMania special live event, former friends now bitter rivals Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly secured their spots in this match by defeating Roderick Strong and The Kingdom's Zack Sabre, Jr. respectively and all four men arrived to this match with everything to gain

Cesaro and Lashley fought right out of the gate which left the ring to Cole and "Killer Kyle" and both men delivered big time which eventually saw the involvement of the champion and later the Chief Hurt Officer Bobby Lashley and every man was out to put down the other

When KOR had Cole in his grasps, someone he put on the shelf returned as The Kingdom's Mike Bennett made his return and laid out Kyle with the Miracle Street before setting Kyle up for a chair shot but instead Bennett accidentally assaulted Cole with the chair to the skull and that mistake might have cost Cole the match as Kyle took care of both men

Cesaro kept coming back after Cole was dispatched and he had Kyle in his sights with a springboard uppercut but he was caught mid-air with a massive spear from Lashley who then hit another spear on Kyle and like a snake in the grass, Cole tried to get one up on Lashley but he was also caught mid-air with a spear which was enough as Lashley pinned Cole to pick up the win and the IC Title!

The odds weren't in the favor of Cesaro and that proved to be the case as we now have a new Intercontinental Champion in the heavy of the Beat Down Corporation, Bobby Lashley!


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