Update On Gresh Unleashed Podcast Upload Schedule

First of all thank you guys for the support you've been showing on the Gresh Unleashed Podcast from the first episode on YouTube to the transition to audio only back to YouTube and now here on this website. The following is the updated upload schedule for the podcast going forward

  • Wednesdays (Sparingly) - Table Talk w/A Guest (1-2H+)

  • Fridays - PPV Preview & Predictions (AEW)

  • Saturdays - News, Rumors, Reviews, This Week In Wrestling (2H+); PPV Preview & Predictions (WWE/NXT Takeover)

  • Sundays (Sparingly) - PPV Reviews Only (WWE/NXT Takeover)

Hope you understand this decision and when it comes to adding other wrestling promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling, Stardom, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, etc. We're working on it


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