Suela "The Bandit" Joins Gresh Unleashed Podcast

You heard that correctly! A new voice is coming to the "Gresh Unleashed" Podcast!

Joining Joshua Gresham aka "Gresh" behind the microphone for the foreseeable future is child hood friend and fellow wrestling/sports fanatic, Suela "The Bandit", having known each other since they were five and seven years old respectively, Gresh hopes this new addition of the podcast will provide a female's point of view as this podcast continues to cover all things wrestling and sports in general which will include WWE, AEW, UFC and the occasional Retro review.

"Gresh Unleashed" returns This Sunday, May 23rd everywhere you listen to your podcasts!

A podcast for marks by a mark be it about video games, wrestling or movie remakes we never wanted. Gresh Unleashed by Joshua Gresham is a entertainment/sports podcast mixed with some real life discussions which includes predictions, reviews, table talk and more.

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