Gresh Unleashed Podcast: WWE Dropped The Ball With COVID-19, Wrestling Should Not Be Essential!

Unfiltered thoughts on how WWE handled COVID-19 testing with their talents and staff which led to multiple positive results and why to this day I think wrestling SHOULD NOT be essential. Which is it? Does the talent come first or do the fans come first as a WWE EVP contradicts himself in a press release. Plus, more updates on the #SpeakingOut Movement and more repercussions coming to those accused. Plus, another look into the "Wednesday Night Wrestling" with thoughts on this past week's AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT. Preview & Predictions for AEW's Fyter Fest and WWE NXT's The Great American Bash two night events and more. 

"Gresh Unleashed" is A podcast for marks by a mark be it about video games, wrestling or movie remakes we never wanted. Gresh Unleashed by Joshua Gresham is a entertainment/sports podcast mixed with some real life discussions which includes predictions, reviews, table talk and more.

Gresh Unleashed Podcast - Wrestling Should Not Be Essential

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