Gresh Unleashed Podcast: That One RAW Where The Chaos Made Sense (Retro Review)

Retro RAW Review: Commissioner Mick Foley begins an investigation into who was behind "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's hit and run assault at the 1999 Survivor Series. WWE Champion The Rock looks for some payback on Kane and Chris Benoit when he teams with The Undertaker for a No Disqualification Tag Team main event and more. Plus, Thoughts on Randy Orton's heel work during the pandemic era of WWE, Ideas on how RAW Underground could improve and more as YouTube content creator FilmPro joins the show for the discussion.

Gresh Unleashed Podcast - That One Episode Of RAW Where The Chaos Made Sense

"Gresh Unleashed" is A podcast for marks by a mark be it about video games, wrestling or movie remakes we never wanted. Gresh Unleashed by Joshua Gresham is a entertainment/sports podcast mixed with some real life discussions which includes predictions, reviews, table talk and more.

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