Gresh Unleashed: Revisiting WWE Raw 2005: John Cena Takes Over RAW, Dark Side of the Ring Review

Gresh Unleashed Podcast: Revisiting WWE Monday Night Raw 2006: John Cena Takes Over RAW, The Dynamite Kid Dark Side of the Ring, Triple H pisses off fans and more!

During the 2005 WWE Draft Lottery, John Cena makes quite the splash on his new show, Monday Night RAW! Also Triple H and Batista sign the contract for their Hell in a Cell match, Plus ECW invades the Red brand ahead of One Night Stand during this episode of WWE Monday Night RAW in 2005! On the mid-season finale of Dark Side of the Ring, we take a look back at the dynamic and somewhat forgotten career and slightly tarnished legacy of The Dynamite Kid! Plus during a NXT Pre-TakeOver conference call, Triple H made some interesting comments that has social media buzzing, but was he wrong?

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