Gresh Unleashed BW Podcast: Women Need To Protect Each Other!

It's Ladies Night!

On Today's episode, three dynamic women (Shay Pinckney, Breanna Richardson, Rachel Fannin & Miniese Favors) will join Gresh as they will be talking about two main topics outside in the trending topics including Beyonce's "Black Is King" special appearing on Disney+ and the mixed reaction from that, also those who are fans of Meg The Stallion know she was involved in a altercation a couple of weeks ago where she was shot in the foot and the reaction has been laughable because everyone made a joke out of it, the ladies go deep into relationships and more.

Gresh Unleashed Podcast - Featuring Breanna Richardson, Shay Pinckney, Rachel Fannin & Miniese Favors

Gresh Unleashed: Black Wednesday is a segment turned spin-off of Gresh Unleashed where Joshua Gresham aka Gresh sits down with fellow people of color and talk all the important information that is going on in the world from politics to culture circumstances and more

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