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Karrion Kross vs. "Blackheart" Lio Rush ended in a Count-Out Draw

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The hostility between Rush and The Order has been well documented, dating back to the WWE Alternative Tour last November when Seth Rollins injured Rush, forcing him to exit the 'Survival Series' Tournament due to injury and in a way was the gate-way to the arrival of Rush's twisted alter-ego, "The Blackheart" at the Royal Rumble reigniting his war with "The Blackhand" of The Order and that lead to an Extreme Rules match at the Show of Shows which culminated in the fall of Rush when Kross returned (exacting revenge for Rush's attack a few weeks earlier) and took out Rush with a twisted and altered bat that Rush himself introduced and that attack left Rush eyeless and defeated at the hands of the new leader of 'The Order' Seth Rollins and following that loss, Rush was placed on the injury reserve list...

Until the darkness returned yet again as Rush appeared behind the wife of Kross - Scarlett - and took her into the darkness which was enough to distract Kross long enough to fall to Drew McIntyre with repeated Claymore kicks and a loss. Following the match, Rush returned Scarlett unharmed before laying out Kross with a steel chair to the skull, letting him know that he hasn't forgotten and he's back for revenge

Darkness was in the air as Kross and Rush finally went to blows since that fateful night in Atlanta and they left it all out there, but after awhile they forgot they were involved in a match and kept brawling outside the ring until the referee called the match off but the brawl continued until Rush connected with a DDT on the steel ramp

Rush looked to continue what he started on Carnage when he grabbed a steel chair but he ran into a roadblock in the form of the War Raiders and the Raiders instantly went on the attack and that opened the door for Kross to continue his mission to punish and destroy the "Blackheart" but another foe came to join in on the fight when Drew McIntyre arrived and took out the Raiders with Claymore kicks and when it looked like we were in for a third showdown between Kross and McIntyre, a "blast from the past" appeared as Jeff Hardy returned and laid out Kross with a Twist of Fate and that opened the door for an unsuspecting Rush to hit the Final Hour Frog Splash as a direct message to Seth Rollins.

McIntyre walked away, having paid his debt to Rush while "The Blackheart" stared a hole in the man he once hated in Jeff Hardy (at one point he was fighting to face him) but since Hardy was exiled from The Order, that's no longer Rush's goal. A furious Seth Rollins says "If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself" while Rush and Hardy are standing in the ring as Kross walks away furious.


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