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Imperium def. Inner Circle

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This all started when Chris Jericho and his 'heavy' Jake Hager was tasked with choosing a tag team partner for a 6-Man tag against British Strong Style and they chose Walter much to the delight of the fans as they get to see him compete for the first time since the Men's Royal Rumble match last January, but that wasn't the case as Jericho and Hager went out of their way to keep him from entering the match and Walter had enough of the disrespect and left both his partners hanging high and dry before laying out Jericho with a Powerbomb on the floor.

A few weeks later on Carnage, Jericho and Walter finally clashed one-on-one and the first ever Undisputed Champion in wrestling history nearly had the match won but Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner appeared on the stage must to the confusion of Jericho before he felt the wrath of Walter, taking advantage of the distraction and putting Jericho to sleep. Imperium is here and they mean business!

After weeks of delivering messages and teasing a replacement member for the booted Wolfe, Walter returned to the ring and made quick work of former Mr. Money in the Bank, Tyler Breeze but the celebration was cut short when the lights went dark and when they returned the debuting Santana and Ortiz were standing behind Aichner and Bartel and they laid them out with a crowbar and steel chair respectively before Jericho made his return and laid out Walter with a led pipe to the ribs before laying out the former NXT UK Champion with the Judas Effect proclaiming that the 'worst is yet to come'!

And here we are! Jericho and his boys clashing with Walter and his soldiers in a 6-man battle and neither team held back but a situation this hostile couldn't be contained as Proud'N'Powerful and Aichner and Barthel brawled all over the ringside area and it was in that moment (with the referee distracted) a masked figure assaulted Jericho after he floored Walter with the codebreaker and the Ring General took advantage and powerbombed Jericho back to back to pick up the win.

Following the match, the masked individual was revealed to be Cesaro! On the orders of Walter, Cesaro laid out Jericho with a neutralizer and after weeks of teasing, the new fourth member of Imperium has been revealed and he is quite the pick-up. How did Walter pull this one off?!


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