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Shayna Baszler def. Bianca Belair via Referee Stoppage to win the Women's World Championship

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Prior to Royal Rumble Year V, both Belair and Baszler clashed in a bout that saw Shayna as the 'Poison" where she focused on the knee/leg of the champion and successfully weakened Belair for months and despite that, the sole female talent of the Beat Down Corporation found ways to retain her title and now she's out for her pound of flesh now that her knee is back to 100% following her successful title defense against Io Shirai at WrestleMania where as Baszler has maintained her No.1 ranking position after choking out Becky Lynch at the Show of Shows but can Bianca keep that same energy following another sneak attack by Baszler on Carnage, once again targeting the knee? We'll have to find out the answer to that question come bell time!

A week before they clashed, Belair made it clear that she wasn't sweating Shayna as she's beaten her before where Baszler vowed to break Bianca emotionally if she can't do it physically and then the time for talk was over as both women laid it all out there and with Camp Spades banned from ringside by The Cabinet there was no place for excuses when the bell run and it was a match for the ages, Shayna made Bianca quickly regret taking her lightly when she instantly locked in the Kimura Lock and all bets were off as both women exchanged quite the offense and there was a moment when Belair thought she had the match won when she escaped the Kirifuda Clutch right into the KOD but that moment was snuffed out when Baszler kicked out of the move for the first time which shocked Belair and quick on her feet she called for a spear but Baszler felt it coming and leaped out of the way right into the Busaiku Knee but Baszler only got a 2 count as well. Both women reached that point where desperation was about to sit in until Baszler was caught with a forearm and Belair called for a 450 splash but Shayna got the knees up and connect with what many thought was her attempt at the KOD but instead she laid her out with the Burning Hammer!

That Burning Hammer was a set up for Baszler to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch once again and instead of just breaking the champion physically, she chose to choke her out when Belair passed out, in a way, breaking her mentally as Shayna Baszler now stands before the world as the new Women's World Champion!

No interference, no excuses! The Queen of Spades is now the Queen of the WWE!

Following the match, a familiar tune glared across the arena as for the first time since Carnage: Gold Rush, "The Nightmare" Rhea Ripley returned and confronted the new Women's Champion for a moment before turning her wrath to the woman who injured her in the first place, the now former champion, Bianca Belair before slamming her though the announce table with a Riptide. Belair's night went from bad to worse, courtesy of "The Nightmare"!


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