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AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor Ended In A No Contest; Jon Moxley Returns

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It's was all about respect and now it's all about revenge!

At Carnage: Gold Rush, a bitter AJ Styles clashed with Finn Balor in a effort for Styles to finally gain the respect he thinks he deserves and with Shawn Michaels in his ear Styles was moments away from putting the finishing touches on his clash with The Prince which was brutal and high paced in it's own right until...the lights went dark...

And when the lights return, stalking behind Shawn Michaels was a vengeful Jon Moxley who unleashed a relentless assault on the former Commissioner before getting in the face of a fear induced Styles before unleashing a similar assault on Styles before laying him out with the Death Rider. Michaels recovered and tried to get one up on Mox before he was laid out with a Fisherman Plex and instead of fighting for his advisor, Styles high-tailed it out of the ring leaving the former leader of The Rebellion at the feet of a vengeful and blood thirsty former WWE Champion before Mox laid Michaels out with a elevated Death Rider.

"You gone have to kill me to get rid of me" shouted Jon Moxley to AJ Styles and unfortunately the Styles/Balor clash was thrown out but that is the least of Styles and Michaels problems, because they have a maniac seeing red and he's coming for both of them

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