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Pete Dunne def. Eric Young in a Last Man Standing Match

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

All this started over a elimination during the Men's Royal Rumble match and it might have just ended in brutal fashion

After their original match-up ended via disqualification due to outside interference from Chris Jericho, Pete Dunne and Eric Young clashed in a brutal Last Man Standing match that kicked off on the stage, through the crowd and finally inside the ring which saw the inclusion of kendo sticks, ladders and tables.

During Dunne's comeback, Jericho and Jake Hager made their presence felt before being cut off by Moustache Mountain which opened the door for Dunne to tap into something no one expected prior to setting a table ablaze before slamming the World Class Maniac through it and then put this match away with the Bitter End to pick up the win and head into the biggest match in his career with full momentum.

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