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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Crews def. Kofi Kingston

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

At Carnage: Gold Rush, Apollo Crews defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against the man who's career he tried to end during the WWE Alternative Tour II last November, Kofi Kingston and what a passionate showing from both men.

Crews entered the main event with the highest confidence in a long time, looking to wrap up a successful night for Beat Down Corporation with a dominant win over Kingston but what the champion did not expect to see was a driven man who blames him for removing food off of his table for 3 months and with that passion Kofi was able to overcome every mount of offense thrown his way to the point where he had Crews frustrated that he wouldn't stay down.

As the match progressed Kofi returned the favor and gave Crews a run for his money, including targeting his knee at various points in the match to the point where Crews tried to blame Kofi for trying to break his leg. As we reached the final gear of the match, Crews' true colors revealed itself when he removed the turnbuckle pad twice before it finally came into play when a furious Kofi charged Apollo in the corner (after Crews threatened to injure Kofi again) and the ending came when Crews hit the "Ball-Game" Suplex Driver to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in heartbreaking fashion if you're a fan of Kofi Kingston.

With this win, Crews set the stage for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania as he will now defend the title against Pete Dunne.

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