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WWE Intercontinental Champion Cesaro def. Adam Cole

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

At Carnage: Gold Rush, Cesaro finally got his hands on the recent thorn in his side - Adam Cole - with his coveted Intercontinental Championship

What a back and forth exchange we witnessed between the champion and his cocky challenger where Cole couldn't even keep the Swiss Cyborg down with the Last Shot and while a bloodied champion tried to attempt a comeback, Cole's Kingdom mate Mike Bennett assaulted Kassius Ohno in the locker room prior to making his way to ringside to attempt to distract Cesaro but that was a grave mistake on the part of "The Miracle" as he was assaulted by a vengeful Kyle O'Reilly, who had been lurking in the crowd for weeks since Cole broke up the Undisputed Era a couple of weeks ago, with the assault culminating with a Regal-Plex on the steel grill of the ramp and that distraction set up Cole for a European Uppercut into the Neutralizer by the champion to signal the end of this incredible match.

Kyle O'Reilly might have started a war with The Kingdom as Cesaro continues his dominant reign as Intercontinental Champion

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