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Carnage #12 Results: Moxley's Fight Against The Rebellion Took A Turn

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Carnage Results: Episode 12


Candice LeRae defeats Alexa Bliss via submission

The Road to Carnage: Gold Rush kicked off strong with some women's in-ring competition between two small but fierce athletes in Alexa Bliss and Candice LeRae. "The Goddess" spent majority of the match torturing Mrs. Wrestling (who is still recovering from her run-in with Camp Spades one week prior) but the will of LeRae came in clutch when she locked Bliss in the Gargano-Escape (by the ear) to pick up the win, sending a message to Shayna Baszler and crew that she will not quit and she did not but that's not all that happened...


Rhea Ripley returns and sends a message to locker room

Two weeks after her crushing loss at the Royal Rumble, Rhea Ripley returned with a new look and a vengeance, first taking out Alexa Bliss (who was already down after her loss a few moments prior), and then took to the microphone to deliver a message Bianca Belair that she won't stop until she gets that title and until she breaks her jaw (much like Belair did hers). The Nightmare is coming!


TV Champion Hideo Itami announces new "Golden Rules" for every title defense going forward; Tommaso Ciampa wants the first shot

He was the last one expected to answer the open challenge for the TV Title at the Royal Rumble, the leader of the GTS Club, Hideo Itami arrived to deliver a message to the entire locker room on how he intends to defend the title in what has been deemed "Golden Rules" where the championship will be defended under a 30 minute time limit, 20 second count-out (unlike the usual 10 seconds) and in the case there is a draw when the time limit expires, there will be a sudden death one fall to the finish to determine the winner. Not too long after the announcement, the inaugural champion answered the call and straight to the point, Tommaso Ciampa stated "See you next week, champ" and it has been made official, Ciampa vs. Itami under "Golden Rules" for the TV Championship.


War Raiders (w/Sarah Rowe) defeated Two Jabronies

For the first time since the loss of the United States Championship during the Alternative Tour II, Raymond Rowe reunited with his partner Hanson for in-ring competition against two jabronies and won with The Fallout in convincing fashion. Following the match, the Matriarch of House Rowe sent a message to the Street Profits - they're coming for the Tag Team Titles.


Shawn Michaels has been reinstated due to a loophole he created

For weeks since the Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels has appeared backstage and now the reasoning has been revealed, when he was the Commissioner of the WWE, he created a loophole in the case he were to be terminated or "quit" if he saw fit to return to the company he caused to shut down for a month prior to November and unleashed The Rebellion on. What hell will the legend unleashed on the company now that he's back?


Intercontinental Champion Cesaro defeated Elias via submission in a non-title match; Adam Cole reunites with a old friend while attacking the champion

Fresh off successfully defending the IC Title at the Rumble, Cesaro was feeling confident going into his non-title clash with Elias and dominated him before locking in the Sharpshooter to pick up the win but he didn't have much time to celebrate...

One week after betraying his brothers in the Undisputed Era, Adam Cole emerged and went after the champion but his attack didn't last long when he was attacked by a vengeful Roderick Strong who was blinded by rage for what Cole did to him one week prior but that assault didn't last long when a returning "Miracle" came to the aid of Cole and took out both Strong and Cesaro. Mike Bennett is back and he's aligned with Adam Cole dubbed "The Kingdom". While all the chaos unfolded, Kyle O'Reilly was watching through the crowd and left Strong to fend for himself, it is indeed the end of an era and the rise of a new Kingdom.


Women's Champion Bianca Belair addresses the rumors

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Pete Dunne defeated Eric Young via disqualification

During the Men's Royal Rumble, Pete Dunne eliminated Eric Young within seconds and that did not sit well with the former leader of Sanity when he returned during the match and hit Dunne with a piledriver from the apron to the floor removing the former UK Champion from the match momentarily before he eventually returned to win the entire match. Not even 24 hours later Dunne was laid out again and that's what led us to tonight - Dunne vs. Young - it was literally a fight and both men were out to prove that they are not one to f**k with and just when it looked like "The Bruiserweight" was about put away the World Class Maniac, another old foe came in to ruin the festivities...

Chris Jericho attacked Pete Dunne, bringing the brutal showdown to an abrupt end, still bitter over Dunne getting the advantage over him during the Alternative Tour, Jericho and Jake Hager (who surprisingly recovered from being tossed off the stage) assaulted both Dunne and Tyler Bate (who was trying to make the save) and just when all hope was seemed to be lost an old friend of Dunne returned to clean house...

The master of the "Seven Star Lariat" Trent Seven has returned for the first time in nearly a year and came to the aid of tag team partner and protege - Tyler Bate - and fellow BSS member Pete Dunne delivering lariats to Hager and Jericho respectively before having an intense stare off with Eric Young. British Strong Style is back!


Jon Moxley wants to fight the entire Rebellion; AJ Styles stuns the world

After making his shocking return during the Men's Royal Rumble match, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley spoke his mind about why he returned and it was no surprise that it was to gun after the faction he inadvertently unleashed on the company - The Rebellion - demanding the group come out to fight, which they did and it was initially 4-on-1 until former Commissioner Shane McMahon evened the odds when he took out Zack Ryder and Wade Barrett with a surprise kendo stick attack - assuring Mox that he wasn't there to fight, but to join him in the fight and it was 2-on-2 for a time until the lights went dark and from the darkness appeared the Sargent...

Aleister Black emerged and was aiming right for Mox and McMahon before an unlikely ally came to the ring - AJ Styles - came to the aid of Mox and Shane to even the odds once again or so we thought, Styles laid out Moxley with the Pele kick and left Shane to the wolves.

Bryan, Gable and Black unleashed an assault on the lone McMahon before Bryan laid him out with the Knee Plus all the while AJ Styles continued his assault on Mox before laying him out with the Bloody Sunday! - A move normally used by one of the men Styles took out through the night, Finn Balor - Why AJ? Why? Did he just join The Rebellion or is there more to the story?


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