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Carnage #11 Results: Trouble In Paradise for The BDC

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Carnage Results: Full Details


Year V Royal Rumble Winner Pete Dunne is interrupted by MVP; Eric Young attacks Dunne

24 hours after his triumphant victory in the Men's Royal Rumble match, Pete Dunne addressed the fans counting down the days until he's able to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of WrestleMania, "The Bruiserweight's" celebration was interrupted by the CEO of Beat Down Corporation - MVP - delivering a warning to Dunne that he's not the only one with something to lose and then proceeded to get personal with the former UK Champion which did not end well without a receipt but Dunne was not expecting to get attacked once again by Eric Young - 24 hours after piledriving him from the apron to the floor - leaving Dunne at his mercy once again.

Young's twisted act did not go unpunished as The Cabinet ejected him from the building following the announcement that Dunne will get his revenge next week in a match on Carnage against former Tag Team Champion


Io Shirai def. Mia Yim

Fresh off her Royal Rumble victory, "The Genius of the Sky" Io Shirai faced off against Mia Yim in a single's match, after fighting off the offense of the HBIC, Shirai sent a message to the entire locker room that she's gunning for that top spot after connecting with a Tiger Feint Kick followed up with a Moonsault to pick up the win

Io's victory was short-lived, however, as her former best friend Kairi Sane went on the attack after Shirai's betrayal last night during the Women's Rumble


The IIconics vs. Ember Moon & Candice LeRae never started

Before the scheduled tag team match between Billie Kay & Peyton Royce and Ember Moon & Candice LeRae could take place, a Shayna Baszler led assault on all four women took place with Sonya Deville emerging during Moon's entrance and Shayna hitting a Fireman's Carry Bomb on LeRae before distracting the IIconics long enough for Ronda Rousey to assault both women

Shayna took to the microphone to send a chilling message to the entire Women's locker room that with her vision the comfort and complacency is going away and hell on earth is upon the division

Ember Moon wanted to prove to be resilient but that was not to be as a shocking fourth member of Shayna's group emerged in Dakota Kai who left the War Goddess laying after crushing her skull between her boot and the ring post - Hopefully we can provide a medical update on her condition soon - Nevertheless, Shayna as created "Camp Spades" with 3 dangerous women by her side, we should be worried.


Street Profits (w/MVP) def. Undisputed Era's Adam Cole & Roderick Strong - WWE Tag Team Championship Match

In what appeared to be a olive branch extended for his actions in the Men's Royal Rumble match, with O'Reilly and Fish out of commission, Roderick Strong teamed up with Undisputed Era teammate Adam Cole to challenge the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, for the titles and it appeared that Cole let bygones be bygones for Strong eliminating him in the Rumble match with the tag team fluidness they displayed but that was not the case


Adam Cole revealed his true intentions, get Strong's guard down and he struck with a Superkick followed up with the Last Shot, setting up for Montez Ford to connect with the FTH Frog Splash to pick up the win and retain the titles for his team

A visibly confused and upset Kyle O'Reilly then appeared, confronting Cole for his actions but was left with a vague answer...Have we witnessed the end of the Undisputed Era?


Finn Balor def. Chad Gable in a Gauntlet match

In the first match of the announced Gauntlet match, Finn Balor - just 24 hours after coming up short against Apollo Crews - entered first and went up against The Rebellion's Chad Gable and even though the former Olympian showcased that he was not to be used as a stepping stone, the resiliency of Balor to deliver a elbow to the face of Gable while he was locked in a submission aiding him in connecting with a Bloody Sunday to pick up the win, sending the former World Heavyweight Champion to the next match

Finn Balor def. Kevin Owens in a Gauntlet match

All it took was the signature bat of The Rebellion to change everything once again for Kevin Owens, who entered the match with a chip on his shoulder after being screwed out of his chance at the Rumble and for a moment we thought the former US Champion was going to beat Finn Balor until - once again the rebel group struck when Wade Barrett attacked Owens with the bat before tossing him in the ring - Balor knowing what was at stake saw this and took advantage, hitting a Bloody Sunday to advance to the next match

Big E Langston def. Finn Balor in a Gauntlet match

In a King of the Ring Year IV rematch, Finn Balor's next opponent was Big E Langston - the man who took the World Heavyweight Championship from him - and The Prince held his own against the self proclaimed "Mr. Career Killer" until his breathe was snatched from him with a massive spear on the outside and despite an attempt to come to ringside by Daniel Bryan being thwarted by a merging Rusev - Langston chose this moment to pay tribute to the late Jon Huber/Luke Harper with a Brodieline (Discuss Clothesline) to pick up the win and advanced to the next match, stopping Balor's momentum once again

Big E Langston vs. Bobby Lashley in a Gauntlet match ended in a draw

Ever since finding out what Bobby Lashley did to Xavier Woods following WWE Joker's Wild, Big E Langston has been on a war path to get his hands on the Chief Hurt Officer of the BDC and even though he did 24 hours prior - including a suicide spear during the Men's Rumble - Langston's hatred for Lashley only grew to the point that both men were counted out and that didn't stop them from trying to tear each other apart to the point where referees and security had to try to separate them which was eventually successful

Kofi Kingston def. Daniel Bryan in a Gauntlet match to become No.1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Daniel Bryan evaded Rusev for the moment and thought he had a pass to Carnage: Gold Rush but there was one final surprise in store - the return of Kofi Kingston

A few months removed after having his career threatened when Apollo Crews hit the "Ball Game" Suplex Driver on the concrete floor during the WWE Alternative Tour II, the former tag team champion shocked everyone when his music hit the PA system and he was the final participant in the Gauntlet match

Bryan made sure Kingston tasted everything the had - including targeting the bad neck with the LeBelle Lock - but the will and desire of Kingston helped him fight through the pain to deliver two Boom Drops to set Bryan up for the Trouble in Paradise but it appeared that trouble was coming once again in the form of The Rebellion's Barrett & Gable but they were cut off by a ticked off Kevin Owens setting up Bryan to meet his Trouble in Paradise from Kofi Kingston who pinned the former WWE Champion and the stage is now set. It's Kingston challenging Crews for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Monday Night Carnage: Gold Rush!


Aleister Black & Zelina Vega sent a daunting message to Rusev

We now know what happened to Rusev

Daniel Bryan lured the former WWE Champion into a trap which saw him laid out once again courtesy of Aleister Black (flanked by his lady Zelina Vega), sending a chilling warning that he should took his wife and left, now he's their problem before the feed was cut to end the show


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