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Carnage #28: Shots Fired!

Carnage Results: Episode 28


MIAMI, FL - The road to Carnage: New Beginnings has reached a boiling point as WWE World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Crews broke his silence and addressed Aleister Black while the night ended in savagery when Roman Reigns competed for the first time since WrestleMania after feeling disrespected by the World Champion where he committed an act that can not be ignored

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Crews broke his silence and addressed Aleister Black directly

Two weeks after finally answering the challenge of Aleister Black for his WWE World Title shot, Apollo Crews entered the arena solo to address the General of The Rebellion directly and held no punches while reminding the world why he's in the position that he's held since last November before letting the Harbinger of Fury know that his hopes of leaving Madison Square Garden as champion will Fade...To...Black!


AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels set up Finn Balor for surprise attack

The situation involving AJ Styles and Finn Balor has gone to another level after leaving Styles scrambling a few weeks ago 'The Prince' felt the wrath of The Phenomenal One with the help of Shawn Michaels who poked Balor into chasing him right into a led pipe assault from Styles before having his head and arm slammed into a car door. The situation involving Styles and Balor continues to get out of control and due to this assault Balor will no longer be involving in an upcoming qualifying match for King of the Ring due to the minor injury he sustained as a precaution.


Cesaro defeats Bobby Fish to qualify for King of the Ring

The King of the Ring spots continue to fill up with some of the best competitors and the returning Bobby Fish looked to overcome a focused and game Cesaro to qualify but the former Intercontinental Champion was able to put him to the test and despite quite the offense and close calls it was Cesaro's night to punch his ticket to the tournament and possibly get his first World Title opportunity in 2 years.


FTR defeats New Day via disqualification due to outside interference

Last week we saw the New Day come to the aid of Samoa Joe when he was at a disadvantage against The Rebellion and that led to this match between the two, renewing their former rivalry, both teams tore it up until it all broke down when Roderick Strong appeared at ringside to help his cohorts bounce back but while the referee was distracted, Edge jumped the barricade and assault his KOTR opponent, Xavier Woods by spearing him, effectively taking him out of this match and leaving Kofi alone to take the 'Big Rig' but then the match came to an abrupt end when Samoa Joe appeared and took out both Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood (despite being medically disqualified due to a fractured jaw).

Joe went to town on FTR while Roderick Strong just stood by at ringside before leaving his cohorts high and dry as 'The Destroyer' stood tall over the former Tag Team Champions. Backstage, General Manager William Regal stopped Strong to inform him that he will face Joe on Shotgun Saturday Night in a Submission match, weeks of attacks will finally come to a head when someone will either tap or pass out!


Randy Orton finally got his revenge on Edge when he least expected it

Not content with assaulting Xavier Woods, Edge proceeded to address his 'haters' who have been complaining about him getting a bye into the tournament and then went on to proclaim that he should get another bye in the first round but a vengeful Woods wasn't having it and he looked to get some revenge on Edge but the Rated R Superstar bounced back and laid him out with a second spear and looked to put him to bed with another one but Edge's past came back to strike as Randy Orton hit the RKO out of nowhere, letting Edge know that he's been 'got' and it appears his receipt is is just getting started as per GM William Regal, the two will finally clash next week in a Last Man Standing match where if Orton is the Last Man Standing he will take Edge's spot in the King of the Ring tournament!


Ricochet defeats Drew Gulak to qualify for King of the Ring

The final King of the Ring qualifying match of the night saw the return of Ricochet as he fought the technical athlete in Drew Gulak, it was a clash of styles as 'The One and Only' brought the high octane offense while Gulak brought the catch as catch can, mat based style for that opportunity to show up and show out in the tournament and while there were moments of no return for Ricochet, he caught Gulak slipping and left him laying long enough for him to connect with the 630 to secure his spot in the illustrious tournament

Ricochet wasn't able to celebrate for long as the leader of 'The Order' Seth Rollins assaulted both men with the 'Black Out' stomp reminding the world that he's involved in the tournament and he will run through everyone to get that crown!


Roman Reigns (w/Rikishi) defeats Cedric Alexander via submission

Earlier in the evening, Apollo Crews addressed Aleister Black's actions while simultaneously brushing past Roman Reigns and his family's actions which didn't sit well with the Head of The Bloodline who demanded a match in the main event, what the world didn't know was who his opponent would be and after Reigns' entrance we found out who it was and it was someone we did not expect that being the injured Cedric Alexander (who was already beaten to a bloody pulp by Jey Uso, before being placed at Roman's feet like some sort of sacrifice). Come to find out Commissioner Paul Heyman signed off on this match and the bell rung which started the all out assault on the former Television Champion. During the assault the Street Profits returned and got into separate brawls with The Usos while Bobby Lashley attempted to save Cedric himself but was stopped in his tracks by Keith Lee who had a receipt to give out to the man who attacked him last week. In a moment of adrenaline, Cedric fought back and actually had Roman down on his back but that wasn't enough to keep Reigns down and he connected with one final Superman punch before locking in the Guillotine Choke to pick up the submission win.

Following the match, Reigns asked his uncle if he heard Cedric correctly when he shouted 'F**k your family!' which Rikishi stated he heard him correctly which further enraged the Tribal Chief who hoisted 'Prime Time' up before powerbombing him to the outside of the ring as a final lethal message to Apollo Crews that he's not to be ignored or brushed aside any longer. This message has been heard loud and clear!


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