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Carnage #27: The Savagery Has Begun!

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Carnage Results: Episode 27


LONG ISLAND, NY - Qualifying matches for the King of the Ring tournament continued in two high paced matches while Roman Reigns opened the door for his extended family member as his actions have enraged a powerful organization as Carnage: New Beginnings vastly approaches

Naomi (w/Tamina) defeats Candice LeRae

Just seven days removed from firing the first shot against the Beat Down Corporation by assaulting the Street Profits, Roman Reigns opened the door for his extended family member - Naomi - to officially cement her place within 'The Bloodline' and what better opponent then by 'Mrs. Wrestling' Candice LeRae (whom has been riding the No.10 position in the Women's World Championship rankings for quite some time). Both women brought their A-Game but in the end Naomi was about to lock in the 'Feel The Glow' submission to pick up the win and with the stamp of approval from the 'Tribal Chief' and her father-in-law Rikishi, the Queen of Glow has her sights set on the Women's Global Championship Invitational and is determined to never be 'overlooked' again.


MVP issues a warning to both Aleister Black and 'The Bloodline' follow recent events


Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley assaults Keith Lee

Ready to make his first in-ring appearance since his run-in with 'The Order's Karrion Kross, former NXT North American Champion Keith Lee was ready to begin a new but was met out of nowhere by a furious Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley (making his first appearance since being left laying at the hands of Aleister Black) and the Chief Hurt Officer didn't hold back when he speared Lee and showed his strength when he lifted the big man up and planted him with the Dominator.

"This Bullsh*t stops now!" utters Lashley towards his representative MVP as he is done playing around with anyone. Hopefully Lee can bounce back from this senseless assault.


Tommaso Ciampa defeats Mustafa Ali to qualify for King of the Ring

Competing in his first match since having his Royal Rumble spot stolen at the hands of Jon Moxley in January, Mustafa Ali took the fight to the inaugural World Television Champion, Tommaso Ciampa for a spot in this year's King of the Ring tournament and to say both men overdelivered is probably an understatement as the heart of Ali was on display against the ruthless 'Black Heart' even to the point where he actually kicked out of a Fairytale Ending but the remorseless Ciampa connected with another on the outside before connecting with a 'Project Ciampa' to put Ali away and secure his spot in the tournament.


Samoa Joe defeats The Rebellion's FTR in a 2-on-1 Handicap match via disqualification

Ever since WrestleMania, Samoa Joe has been on a mission to finally do what others couldn't do and that is rid the WWE of 'The Rebellion' once and for all but for that to happen he has to take out the person at the top - that being Daniel Bryan - but Bryan has sent his men to take care of what he deems is 'light work' headed by the newest member of the rebellious group - Roderick Strong - And as of this week their hitmen FTR! Joe took the former Tag Team Champions in a 2-on-1 situation and held his own and moments away from putting Dax Harwood to sleep with the Clutch but the match was interrupted by the Messiah of the Backbreaker and laid out Joe with two back to back Rocket Kicks and when it looked as if Harwood and Wheeler was about to put a nail on it with the 'Big Rig', the reunited New Day in Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods rushed to the aid of Joe and took out FTR with back to back kicks, evening the playing field for 'The Destroyer' who tried to fight back but was caught again before being laid out with another Rocket Kick. Joe wants to get rid of 'The Rebellion' but he has to get through Strong to continue his mission.


Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Sheamus to qualify for King of the Ring

Competing in his first match since his shocking resurgence at WrestleMania, Shinsuke Nakamura went to battle with Sheamus with a spot in the King of the Ring tournament on the line and both the King of Strong Style and Celtic Warrior did not hold back, it was at one point that it was believed to be game over for Sheamus when his head connected off the steel steps but he powered through to the end but was caught with multiple knees to the face before Nakamura finally put this one to be with the final Kinshasa to pick up the win and punch his ticket to the illustrious tournament

Nakamura's celebration was short lived however as a rebellious Rusev snuck up behind Shinsuke and looked to finally lay him out with 'The Pit' but that wasn't the case as he was laid out yet again with a Kinshasa to send the message that he will not be The Brute's victim ever again!


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