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Carnage #25: When Will You Learn?

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Carnage Results: Episode 25


CHICAGO, IL - The Allstate Arena was buzzing for another jam packed edition of Monday Night Carnage which saw the first in-person appearance of Women's Champion Bianca Belair since WrestleMania and the qualifying matches for King of the Ring continued

Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley (w/MVP) defeats Cesaro to retain the title via disqualification

It was a big fight feel to open up the show with a main event caliber match for the Intercontinental Championship as former champion Cesaro received his rematch against new champion Bobby Lashley in a match that was originally scheduled for WrestleMania as a one-on-one match.

Both men entered the field with everything at stake, pride, respect and the honor of being called the 'workhorse' including a moment where Cesaro caught Lashley mid-spear and transitioned into a Neutralizer but that wasn't enough to keep the Chief Hurt Officer down for the count (which is rare as no one has ever kicked out of that move before). Lashley had enough and was moments away from putting Cesaro away following the spear and was calling for the 'Hurt Lock' the lights went dark...

...The Rebellious General, Aleister Black emerged from the darkness and laid out Lashley with the Black Mass kick, causing the match to be thrown out via disqualification and the ruthless Black called out Apollo Crews for an answer to his challenge and yet again the champion was nowhere to be found, Zelina Vega then sent a swift message to MVP on behalf of her husband claiming that when MVP returns Crews' his balls and gives them an answer, this will keep happening. Will Apollo Crews accept the challenge? Or will his cohorts in the BDC continue to suffer?


Daniel Bryan brushes Zack Ryder to the side, sends a firm warning to Samoa Joe


Rusev (w/Lana) defeats Elias to qualify for King of the Ring

Qualifying matches for King of the Ring continued as "The Drifter" tried to overcome a "Rebellious Brute" when Elias clashed with The Rebellion's Rusev in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match and to say this was a one sided match is a understatement, despite jumping Rusev before the bell rung, Elias was quickly overpowered and dismantled before suffering two back to back Pits before finally being laid to rest with the Accolade submission.

Rusev has been hellbent on dishing out pain and suffering since he was laid out by Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania and Elias was just another victim when the former WWE Champion crushed his leg in between a steel chair, calling for Nakamura to "Face him like a man!"

Sooner or later Rusev will come face to face with the man he screwed out of the WWE Championship last Summer and when it happens, it will be a fight!


Women's World Champion Bianca Belair delivered a strong message to No.1 Ranked Contender Shayna Baszler; Baszler assaulted the champion

Making her first in-person appearance since defeating Io Shirai during Night 1 of WrestleMania, Women's World Champion Bianca Belair made it known that she has had quite the dominant title reign in recent memory but she's not complacent, she's been paying attention to the Women's Rankings and knows she has to deal with the No.1 Ranked Woman and leader of Camp Spades - Shayna Baszler - and says they will clash at Carnage: New Beginnings and says she has a 'receipt' for The Queen of Spades as she was responsible for her knee being less than 100% for the past few months, but now she's at 100% and she intends to 'whoop dat ass'

This firm message brought out Baszler who said nothing but it was a set up as the rest of Camp Spades (minus Ronda Rousey) surrounded the ring but that was quickly taken care of when a vengeful Ember Moon emerged and took out Sonya Deville for the second week in a row and chased down Dakota Kai but Bianca made a mistake - she turned her back on Shayna - who kneed her in the back before once again targeting the knee

"Keep that warm for me, I'll be taking that soon" Shayna uttered as she left the champion laying in the ring.


Walter (w/Imperium) defeats Tyler Breeze; Chris Jericho returns and brings back-up to take out Imperium

He is all about making the mat 'sacred' and restoring respect to the great sport of professional wrestling and in his first match since he soundly defeated the legendary Chris Jericho, Walter made quick and dominant work of the former Mr. Money in the Bank Tyler Breeze with an F-5 and a Big Boss Splash from the top to put him away and then for the second time of the night, the lights went dark...

...From the darkness arrived the duo of Santana and Ortiz along with the return of Chris Jericho and they went on a weapon frenzy by laying out Aichner, Barthel and Walter before Jericho laid out the Ring General with the Judas Effect proclaiming 'The Worst is Yet To Come!"

The Inner Circle has arrived and will bring the fight to Imperium!


Seth Rollins defeats Johnny Gargano to qualify for King of the Ring

In the second King of the Ring Qualifying match of the night, it was like looking into a mirror as the leader of 'The Order' Seth Rollins battled the 'new' Johnny Gargano and to say they brought the fight to one another would be putting it lightly as both men pulled out all the stops to qualify for the tournament that advanced the careers of the likes of Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

When it reached the halfway point, Rollins heard the music of someone he thought he was rid of, the former leader of The Order - Jeff Hardy - but it was a tease and Gargano pulled out shades of 'the old' Gargano when he unleashed quite the offense before laying out Rollins with the 'One Final Beat' DDT but made the mistake by not going for the pin and Rollins took advantage of the mistake by connecting with the Slingblade followed up by the 'Blackout' Stomp to pick up the win to qualify for the King of the Ring

Following the match, Rollins' celebration was cut short with the return of Jeff Hardy, who went on the attack of Rollins and they brawled all the way through the crowd and outside of the arena

The brawl between Hardy and Rollins wasn't the only chaos we saw as TV Champion Bronson Reed got his pound of flesh and then some when he joined in on the chaos between Johnny Gargano, Mansoor and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, laying them all out with Samoan Drops before laying down the challenge to defend his title against all three of them next week and it will happen!

As the show was coming to a close we were then left with a haunting final shot of Jeff Hardy being laid out at the hands of 'The Order' and Rollins proclaiming that Hardy will 'Never Learn' and you can only imagine the plan the new Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling has in store for the former Intercontinental Champion.


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