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Carnage #23: A Storm Has Come For The BDC During The Fallout From WrestleMania!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Carnage Results: Episode 23


ATLANTA, GA - The fallout from WrestleMania: Atlanta and the Season Premiere of Monday Night Carnage saw some new faces and some returning faces as the road to King of the Ring officially begins!

Samoa Joe explained his actions and has his sights set on the Destruction of The Rebellion

24 hours after causing quite the confusion and chaos over the course of WrestleMania weekend, Samoa Joe kicked off the Season Premiere of Carnage explaining his actions by first addressing Brock Lesnar, claiming that one day they will fight. The Destroyer then turned his focus on Daniel Bryan and The Rebellion claiming he didn't forget that group is the reason he's no longer WWE Champion and he intends to do what he does best, Destroy, and he plans to single handedly erase every member of that group from existence and Wade Barrett didn't waste any time and jumped Joe from behind but that was ill advised as the former WWE Champion quickly dispatched of Barrett with the Muscle Buster.

"Soon enough...Every Member of The Rebellion will Fall To Me!" Can Joe get the job done?


The Usos defeats Lucha Dragons

With their cousin, Roman Reigns and their father, Rikishi watching on at ringside, The Usos were tasked with following in their cousin's footsteps just 24 hours after his bizarre encounter with "The Fiend" and just simply "Show up and win" and that they did, Jimmy quickly knocked out Kalisto with a Superkick and set up his brother Jey for the Splash from the top to pick up the quick and dominant victory over the Dragons.

As The Usos celebrated with their father, their cousin gave them their props before walking away, with Roman as the head of The Bloodline, this reinvigorated family will be hard to beat because they are united against all.


Seth Rollins officially claims his position as the new leader of The Order


A New Face arrives to WWE in the form of LA Knight

A new Season = New Faces as former World Heavyweight Champion LA Knight (formerly Eli Drake) has signed on the dotted line with the WWE and will be making his grand debut soon!


Braun Strowman defeats The Miz; Rusev makes a brutal statement

With the pending start of the King of the Ring tournament, it was only fitting that last year's winner saw action as Braun Strowman went one-on-one and made quick work of The Miz, besting the former Intercontinental Champion with the running powerslam!

Strowman's celebration was short lived however when he was on the receiving end of a brutal attack at the hands of Rusev (fresh off his victory over The Rock at WrestleMania). Still angry at the attack from the returning Nakamura moments later, The Rebellion's Brute wanted to relive some anger and he did so with a brutal chair assault on the King of the Jungle before stomping on a chair with Strowman's leg trapped in between, similar to what he did to Nakamura last Summer. Rusev wants Nakamura to face him straight up and if this is the version of Rusev we're dealing with, the self proclaimed "God's Favorite Champion" then Shinsuke had better watch out.


Triple H addressed the future following "I Quit" match loss at WrestleMania; makes huge King of the Ring Qualifying match for next week

Following his crushing loss to Aleister Black 24 hours prior at WrestleMania that has forced Triple H to retire from in-ring competition, The Game showed up to the arena looking to finally put this situation to bed as he takes his place as the COO full time behind the scenes, even asked for the presence of the man who not only retired him but DDT'd his wife on exposed wood to come out to the ring and shake his hand. When it looked as if Black was about to shake the hand of the man who's life he made hell for nearly a year, the leader of The Rebellion, Daniel Bryan interrupted and demanded that Triple H stop playing games and give him one more opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Title, Triple H ignored that and instead made a huge match for the next episode of Carnage when he placed Bryan in a King of the Ring Qualifying Triple Threat match against his stable mates, Zack Ryder and Chad Gable with the added stipulation that whomever takes the pin-fall or submission loss, their "ironclad contracts" that Shawn Michaels put in place for them when he was Commissioner will be null and void, in other words, they will be fired!


Sister Ruby Soho defeats Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)

The last time we saw Ruby Riott, she was seen walking away with her former tag team partner, Liv Morgan into the darkness that was "The Fiend", following that bizarre "Firefly Mayhem", The Fiend is no more as it seems and HE has left his handprint on not only Liv Morgan, but Ruby Riott as well as she has been transformed into "Sister Ruby Soho".

Peyton Royce of The IIconics had the unfortunate task of going one-on-one with this woman and pretty quickly she learned that this wasn't the same Ruby, this version was more lethal, more brutal, all for the name of "Controlled Chaos" and despite Billie Kay briefly distracting her, that wasn't enough to keep her down when Soho connected with the Riott Kick and planted Peyton with her own version of "Sister Abigail" to pick up the dominant win.

Following the match, Soho laid out Billie Kay for good measure and the world was greeted by a cryptic message from Liv Morgan or now known as "Sister Live" claiming that the world will watch as their favorites fall to feed their fury.


Bronson Reed defeats Jinder Mahal to retain the WWE World Television Championship

24 hours after destroying Cedric Alexander to win the TV Title, the new champion Bronson Reed laid down an open challenge for the main event and following an intense scalding from his former employer, MVP just moments prior to his entrance, Reed entered this match with a bigger chip on his shoulder then before since he was reinstated and the challenge was answered by Jinder Mahal, making his return for the first time since November and both men delivered a hard hitting main event and Mahal showed quite the feat of strength when he powerbombed The Colossal champion but then the arrival of MVP on the stage forced something to snap in the mind of Reed as he unleashed an array of intense offense before laying out Mahal with the Samoan Drop and then put this one away with the Tsunami Splash to pin Mahal and retain the title!

Following the match, Reed's night wasn't over when an old friend of MVP - Shelton Benjamin - attacked the champion from behind, no doubt at the orders of the CEO of the Beat Down Corporation and Reed was not pleased as he quickly responded with a Samoan Drop before tossing Shelton to the outside and slamming Benjamin through the barricade at ringside.

An angry Reed stormed to the stage to get in the face of his former boss and said a Storm has come...It has come for the Beat Down Corporation. Has MVP made the mistake of not only getting this monster fired way back but pissing him off in the process?


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