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Carnage #21: A Night Of First Time Evers Ends In Controversy!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Carnage Results: Episode 21


With WrestleMania: Atlanta drawing closer and closer, the tension between the Superstars continues to grow at a fever rate.

Drew McIntyre defeats Buddy Murphy

Competing in his first match since WWE Joker's Wild last December, Drew McIntyre returned with vengeance on his mind and the sacrifice was The Order's Buddy Murphy who tried to put up a fight against the former Intercontinental Champion after McIntyre laid him out with a Claymore kick during the Lee/Kross match a couple of weeks ago but that was not to be the case as McIntyre connected with two Claymore kicks to pick up the win over "The Disciple".

Following the showdown, McIntyre sent a message to the leader of The Order - Jeff Hardy - challenging the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling to a fight next week. Will Hardy accept?


Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler (speaking for Ronda Rousey) sent each other messages claiming to be prepared for the other in the pending main event


Walter defeats Chris Jericho

This first ever encounter between Chris Jericho and Walter came about due to the disrespect Walter felt from Jericho when the first ever Undisputed Champion wouldn't tag in the Ring General during their 6-man tag team match a couple of weeks ago, both men brought it once that bell ring and when Jericho thought he had this one in the bag, a couple of Walter's friends made an appearance - Walter's Imperium (Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe) - kept Jericho's attention long enough for Walter to lay him out with a big boot before locking in the sleeper, forcing Jericho to tap out. What does Walter and Imperium have in store now that they've made their way to the WWE?


Rated RKO defeats FTR in the semi-finals of the "No.1 Contender's Tag Team Tournament"

FTR claimed they respected Randy Orton and said nothing of the sort about his tag team partner, Edge, well after this, they will have no choice but to put respect on his name. Both teams brought their A-Game even to the point where The Viper somehow kicked out of the Big Rig (formerly Shatter Machine) and after this, Randy shifted into second and third gear with the RKO on Dax Harwood before Orton tagged in Edge who connected with a spear to pick up the win and advance to the finals.

Orton and Edge's celebration was cut short however when the Good Brothers attacked both men but that didn't last as Orton hit both men with the RKO before Edge laid out both men with spears before the War Raiders ran to the ring and got in their face. It's Rated RKO vs. the War Raiders in the finals on the final edition of Carnage before WrestleMania!


Jon Moxley defeats Tony Nese

A man who walks to the beat of his own drum, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley made an impromptu appearance following his announcement that he will face Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania (who has been radio silent in his own right) and Mox made the demand that he face someone in a "Sanctioned" match and unlucky for Tony Nese, the Unscripted Violence came to his doorstep and Moxley made quick work of Nese, sending a direct message to the "Founding Father" of The Rebellion that at WrestleMania, the gloves are off!


Sasha Banks and Bayley held back no punches during Sit-Down Interview

Full Interview here


Adam Cole introduces a new member for "The Kingdom"

Due to his actions against Kyle O'Reilly in the parking lot, Adam Cole was banned from the arena but the man behind the dissolution of the Undisputed Era wasted no opportunity to send a message to his former best friend, both of them have the opportunity to compete for the Intercontinental Title IF they beat each other's handpicked opponents and Adam proclaimed that he will crush whomever Kyle puts in front of him while Kyle might not be so lucky when he goes up against the newest member of "The Kingdom" - "ZSJ" Zack Sabre Jr - who proclaimed that they have some "unfinished business"


Ronda Rousey defeats Becky Lynch

For the first time ever and in her first single's match since coming to the WWE, "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey went one-on-one with "The Man" Becky Lynch and was it quite the polarizing encounter between two strong women but this match was quick and surrounded in controversy when Ronda removed the turnbuckle pad and Becky slammed into it, knocking her for a loop, setting up for the "Piper's Pit" which was enough for Ronda to pick up the win.

Following the match, Ronda's celebration was cut short when a vengeful Tessa Blanchard (who was attacked by Ronda two weeks ago) laid out the former UFC Champion with a chair shot to the skull, shocking both Shayna at ringside and those watching around the world. Has Tessa made a big mistake?


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