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Carnage #18: Power and Dominance

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Carnage Results: Episode 18


War Raiders defeats Lucha Dragons in the first round of the "No.1 Contender Tag Team Tournament"

As the road to WrestleMania heats up, Commissioner Paul Heyman decided to add fuel to the fire in the tag team division when he kicked off the show to announce that starting tonight, eight teams will compete in a mini-tournament to determine the Street Profits' challengers for the Tag Team Titles at the Showcase of the Immortals and he wasted little time to kick it off where we saw the War Raiders compete against a new version of the Lucha Dragons in Kalisto and Lince Dorado in the first round and despite the Dragons putting up a fight, the Raid was too much for them to overcome and Hanson & Rowe connected with "The Fallout" to pick up the dominant win


Hideo Itami and Aleister Black started their Street Fight in the arena parking lot

This has been building since that night in Philadelphia when Aleister Black assaulted Hideo Itami and cost him 4 months of his career and despite being fresh off a successful TV Championship run, Itami couldn't shake the feeling of getting revenge on Black and he can thank Vince McMahon for allowing this moment to happen when he booked this Street Fight last week but no one expected it to take place in the parking lot and it did with both men entering with their choice of weapons before dropping said weapons to come to blows before Black took control and led Itami away from the arena and due to this fight going over it's allotted time slot, we had to catch up with the conclusion of this Street Fight after the next match


FTR defeats Heavy Machinery in the first round of the "No.1 Contender Tag Team Tournament"

In the second first round match of the night, a solid team in Heavy Machinery was hand selected by Commissioner Paul Heyman to take part in the tournament but unfortunately their opponents were thrown in there by luck of the draw, FTR (formerly The Revival) fresh off the revelation of their alliance with The Rebellion took Otis and Tucker to the absolute limit before putting Knight away with the Big Rig and secured their spot in the semi-finals of the Tag Team Tournament


The Street Fight between Aleister Black and Hideo Itami concludes with Black choking Itami out

Our production crew finally caught up with Black and Itami who's Street Fight spilled into one of our production warehouses close-by which saw majority of the floor padding stripped which made the fight all the more dangerous and during this fight Itami brought everything he had and more including a Knee Plus and GTS but that wasn't enough to keep the Sgt. of The Rebellion down for the count because once the blood started pouring from his skull, Black tapped into another zone where he slammed Itami through a table from the ring to the outside with his head bouncing off the concrete floor and then Black sent a message to his WrestleMania opponent - Triple H - by connecting with a Pedigree before locking into guillotine choke long enough for the referee to call for the Street Fight to end but Black wouldn't let go of the hold until Itami uttered the words "I Quit" and he would still have the hold locked in if it weren't for Zelina Vega calling him off.

Nothing much has been provided in regards to Itami's health status after being choked out but Black and Vega delivered a grim message towards "The Game" weeks before they clash at WrestleMania.


Kairi Sane defeats Bayley

A few weeks after what she did to Sasha Banks, the No.4 ranked Bayley went one-on-one with the No.7 ranked Kairi Sane and both women exchanged their best in order to impress management and rise up the ranks which is vital for post-Mania plans and Bayley had Sane down to rights until familiar theme music blared across the speakers - a still slightly injured Sasha Banks returned for the first time since being tossed from the stage by her former best friend - and that distraction was enough for Sane to take advantage and pick up the win

But the fight was not over as Sasha stormed the ring and took the fight to Bayley with Banks locking in the Bank Statement before being laid out with a Bayley to Belly

Following this, Official Consultant Lacey Evans made two huge matches official for WrestleMania - Sasha Banks vs. Bayley with the winner joining Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair & Tessa Blanchard to battle Camp Spades (Shayna Baszler, Ronda Rousey, Dakota Kai & Sonya Deville) in a Eight Woman Elimination Tag Team match


Daniel Bryan & Rusev of The Rebellion defeats Pete Dunne & WWE World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Crews in a No Disqualification Tornado Tag

It was a Tornado Tag unlike no other in recent memory when unlikely partners and WrestleMania opponents Apollo Crews and Pete Dunne teamed up for a chance at revenge against The Rebellion when they battled Daniel Bryan and Rusev under No Disqualification and all hell broke lose before the bell could ring as The Bruiserweight took the fight to Rusev all over the arena unleashing his rage on the man who left him a bloody mess at the conclusion of Carnage: Gold Rush while the WWE World Champion took the fight to Daniel Bryan, who tried to not only manipulate his way into the WWE World Title match at WrestleMania - he laid him out after "Gold Rush" went off the air. With The Rebellion and Beat Down Corporation barred from ringside, all hell was sure to break loose and it did...

Throughout this war we saw brutality from all four men until Dunne and Rusev made their way into the ring with Dunne mounting a comeback of the ages before laying out the Brute with a Bitter End but he couldn't go for the pin when his own partner laid him out with a steel chair shot to the skull, allowing Daniel Bryan to connect with the Knee Plus to pick up the win for his team

But the celebration was short lived as immediately Bryan was met with his own "receipt" with a chair shot by the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

But Crews wasn't done there as he sent one final blow to his WrestleMania challenger with a Powerbomb off the apron, leaving the Royal Rumble winner writhing in pain as his motives are now clear, "The Diamond" will stop at nothing to keep his place on top of the mountain


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