Carnage #14: Anonymous Tipper Revealed

Carnage Results: Episode 14

Lio Rush defeats Buddy Murphy via disqualification; Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre evened the odds until a "Blackheart" rose to strike

In his first single's match back since the Survival Series Tournament last November, Lio Rush competed against Buddy Murphy on the orders of "The Order" as a first line of defense and "The Man of the Hour" and "The Disciple" showed out until Karrion Kross interfered and seemingly destroyed Rush before Seth Rollins entered and delivered some deja vu with the Blackout stomp and all hope was seemingly lost for the MOTH until Keith Lee stormed to ringside and dispensed of Murphy before staring down the man who cost him the IC Title at the Rumble - Kross - but then someone "The Order" thought they got rid of at Joker's Wild last December resurfaced when Drew McIntyre caught Kross with a Claymore kick out of nowhere before smashing him in the spine with steel steps, leaving Rollins all alone or so we thought...

"The Blackheart" Lio Rush appeared behind Rollins and just the Rumble, took the fight to "The Blackhand" before standing tall over a fallen Rollins sending the message that he will not stop until he destroys those who tried to destroy him.

Tessa Blanchard defeats Ruby Riott; An old friend of Riott arrives with a message

In her first single's match since her shocking debut at the Royal Rumble during the Women's Rumble, Tessa Blanchard returned to her hometown to pick up the win over Ruby Riott with the Buzzsaw DDT sending a strong message to the Women's Division that she's here to stay be the best in the world. And then the lights went dark...

...From the darkness appeared the "Wicked Sister of The Fiend" Liv Morgan confronting her former Riott Squad partner and asking her to simply "Join them"...Ruby proceeded to follow and then they both disappeared. Has "The Fiend" gained another soul?

The Kingdom defeats The Kings of Wrestling in a tag team match

In order for a Kingdom to rise again, they must remove the former Kings from prominence and the beginning stages for Adam Cole and Mike Bennett begun when they faced and subsequently defeated Kassius Ohno and IC Champion Cesaro when Cole laid out the Knockout Genius with the Last Shot to pick up the win (despite Cesaro nearly breaking the count, if only he was 1 second sooner). Following the match Cole set his sights to the IC Title belt and picked it up to make claim that he's next in line.

Cesaro didn't take too kindly and took out Bennett with the Neutralizer before being caught with a belt to the skull when Cole left him laying before shouting that he's coming for that title. Will The Cabinet make this one-on-one showdown happen?

Becky Lynch defeats Dakota Kai via disqualification; Camp Spades leaves both Lynch and Charlotte Flair laying

In an effort for revenge after what happened to her last week, Becky Lynch took Dakota Kai to the absolute limit until the match was thrown out with the arrival of Shayna Baszler and the former Women's Champion was left in a 2-on-1 situation until the unexpected arrival of Charlotte Flair to aid Lynch until she was caught by surprise by Ronda Rousey.

With Charlotte trapped in an armbar from one of the most dangerous women in sports, Lynch was finished off by a Kairopractor. Camp Spades will not stop until they are the most featured women in the business.

WWE World Television Champion Hideo Itami defeats Chad Gable under "Golden Rules" to retain the title

In the main event (which was originally scheduled to include Wade Barrett until he was detained by Charlotte PD for his actions last week), Hideo Itami went to war for the second week in a row but this time against replacement challenger and Rebellion member Chad Gable. The former American Alpha took the champion to the absolute limit, targeting the champion's leg and knee but he targeted the wrong knee and Itami adapted and used his other knee to floor Gable with the Knee Plus before laying out the challenger with two back to back GTS' to pick up the win and retain the title.

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