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Carnage #13 Results: Itami Survives "Golden Rules"!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Carnage Results: Episode 13


AJ Styles explained his actions, revealed alliance with Shawn Michaels

Last week, AJ Styles revealed his true colors when he assaulted Jon Moxley, one week later he was given time to explain himself and that he did...Styles revealed that his actions came at the price of being dismissed when someone new comes along (something he went through in every company he has worked in) and being overshadowed by Moxley was the last straw, so he broke a deal with The Rebellion that if he took care of the group's threats (Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Mox) then he would be exempt from the group's attacks that has been a constant since last Summer. One of Styles' victims, Finn Balor made a feline to the ring for revenge and after a brief exchange, The Prince had Styles right where he wanted him until Shawn Michaels appeared and held him back, seemingly trying to place Balor at ease which was a rouse when he hit Balor below the belt and set the stage for Styles to leave the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion laying again after a powerbomb on the steel steps and a Styles Clash on the concrete. Shawn not only feigned allegiance to Balor, but he now has the ear of one of (if not the) best in the world.


Big E Langston defeats Bobby Lashley under "No Holds Barred; Xavier Woods returned

After weeks of being at odds, the situation between Big E Langston and Bobby Lashley finally came to a head under No Holds Barred, unlike their pull apart brawl there was no stopping this one until there was a definitive winner and both Langston and the Chief Hurt Officer nearly destroyed the other beyond recognition and despite being barred from ringside, Cedric Alexander tried to run interference (the same way he did during the Men's Rumble match when he cost Langston his spot in that match) but a ghost from the BDC's past resurfaced when Xavier Woods stopped Alexander with a Superkick and that opened the door for Langston to floor Lashley with a Big Ending to pick up the win. Following the match both men showed the other respect as they were once members of the New Day


Rhea Ripley defeats Sonya Deville; Camp Spades strikes again

In her first match since having her jaw broken by Bianca Belair at the Royal Rumble, Rhea Ripley competed against the protege of Camp Spades - Sonya Deville - despite having the match in her control the entire time, Deville wasn't prepared for the fury of The Nightmare who fought through the pain to pick up the dominant win and solidify her spot at No.2 in the Women's Rankings. But Ripley's celebration was short lived by the arrival of the muscle of Camp Spades - Ronda Rousey! After the former UFC Champion left the inaugural NXT UK Women's Champion laying, Shayna told Sonya to "get her revenge" and that she did, another free shot at the injured jaw of Ripley. The Nightmare's will to get another shot at the Women's Championship has a massive roadblock in the form of the No.1 ranked "Queen of Spades"


Intercontinental Champion Cesaro called out The Kingdom and got some back-up in the form of a fellow 'King of Wrestling'

Last week, Cesaro was on the receiving end of an assault at the hands of the newly re-formed Kingdom (Adam Cole and Mike Bennett) and not looking to waste any time, he showed up to the arena ready for a fight and he was moments away from getting just that (despite it being a 2-on-1 situation) but he had some back-up in the form of his former tag team partner and friend - Kassius Ohno - and because of this The Cabinet has given the IC Champ what he wants, next week.


WWE World Television Champion Hideo Itami defeats Tommaso Ciampa under "Golden Rules" to retain the title

Winning the TV Championship during the Royal Rumble kick-off, Hideo Itami opted to change things up with how the title is defended which management agreed to dubbed "Golden Rules", 30 minute time limit (sudden death incase there is a time limit draw) and the first challenger? the inaugural champion, Tommaso Ciampa and it was quite the challenge as both men nearly went the entire 30 minutes with explosive exchanges and many near-falls and all it took was two GTS' by the champion to retain the title by literally collapsing on top of the Sicilian Psychopath.


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